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A Bear in Belcarra

Belcarra SignErica and I were out and about taking photos for a promotional project for School District 43 today. We were heading to Belcarra towards the end of the day and I was on the lookout for the elaborate town signs. The School district wants each city: Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore, and Belcarra represented in the promo with an emphasis on the natural beauty that these cities are immersed in.

We spotted the sign and pulled over about 50 feet behind the sign – I wanted to make sure the car wasn’t going to be in the shot and I wasn’t sure about the angle yet. Belcarra BearI grabbed the camera and a tripod and started heading towards the sign. Just as I reached the sign, a big dark object laying at the foot of a trail at the top of some stairs nearby stood up. It was a black bear and it was standing just about where I wanted to be to take my photo of the sign.

I backed up slowly to give it some room but by the time I remembered I had a camera in my hand it loped off down the steps. I headed back to the car to tell Erica and grabbed a longer zoom lens. After we had the longer zoom on the camera, we ventured back to the stairs – slowly. When we got back there the bear was sitting near the bottom of the stairs so we took a few from the top. We got a couple cute ones of him looking lazily at us over the banister of the stairs.

Belcarra Bear

I remembered I needed the shot of the sign so I spent some time doing that and then we checked on the bear again. He was further down the trail this time but not out of sight so we went down the stairs as far as we dared and snapped a few more. Erica was making some noises to try to get him to look at us and I kept thinking “what if he does come to say hello?”. But he was just relaxing, lying down on the nice flat trail path.

It made for a fun side adventure on an already beautiful August day.

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