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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Shoot

This guide is for couples who are about to get engagement photos done.

I think engagement photos are really important – they capture part of an amazing (and often hectic) time – the prelude to your wedding and marriage.

Engagement photos can also be used for lots of things like invitations and photo guestbooks. They’ll also get you warmed up to your photographer so that you’ll know more about what to expect on your wedding day.

The most important thing is to wear clothes that are coordinated. It’s easy to look good individually but sometimes it can be easy to forget to look good together. That’s not to say you should match your wardrobes, but to try to find a common theme or use complimentary colours.

It’s best to avoid patterns as much as possible as they distract the eye and patterned outfits can clash, even if their colours are complimentary. Subtle stuff may be ok, like vertical lines on a dress shirt, but stuff like floral patterns on a dress might not work as well.

Don’t go shopping. It’s best to follow these tips with clothes that you already have and love to wear. I think that people usually look their best in photos wearing their favourite clothes so pick something that makes you feel gorgeous/sexy/handsome and confident.

If you’re up to changing halfway through your shoot you could do a wardrobe change. If you want to try two outfits, you should try doing one set of outfits casual (jeans and a cute shirt) and one more dressy/sassy/vintage.

Take the time to do your hair and make up. You can go to a salon if you like but don’t overdo it for the camera – do your makeup like you usually would. We even bring translucent anti-shine powder for the guys if they want it.

If you have favourite accessories that you wear a lot, bring them along. Those are easy to try out or take off if they’re not working. Stuff like hats and scarves can look good. Bring a plastic bag to keep them clean while you’re shooting if your photographer wants to try some shots without them.

You can also pick out other stuff that you share as a couple too like sports jerseys, a bicycle, a picnic set, tennis rackets, anything that screams you! You’ll probably want to mention these to your photographer before you head out to make sure they’re prepared.

Make sure to pick out your locations ahead of time. Pick out places that are special to you as a couple or ask the photographer for suggestions. Keep an eye out for a future post about good locations in the lower mainland.

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Tim is a passionate photographer who runs Firefly Photo. He has over ten years of experience photographing weddings, couples, families, business, dance, sports, and more. He attended SFU for graphic design & Douglas College's Self Employment Program for business.

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