Wedding Photography & Fusion

Wedding Photography Packages

- Wedding Packages Feature -

  • 4 to 12 Hour Wedding Photography
  • Formal Portrait, Family Photos, Candid Photos
  • One Photographer
  • Photographer’s Assistant
  • Digital Negatives
  • DVD Video Slideshow
  • Online Photo Album

- Optional Features -

  • Engagement Photo Session
  • Fusion
  • Wedding Album(s)
  • Prints, Frames, Canvasses & more
  • Photo Guestbook Album
  • Second Photographer

You can choose from a 4-hour, 6-hour, 8-hour, or 12-hour wedding photography package. We can photograph whatever you want to fit in that time frame. For example, choose 12-hour coverage if you want to capture absolutely everything, or 4-hour if you prefer to just get coverage of the ceremony, formal, portraits, and family photos.

We don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves in “journalist” or “classical” style shooting because we don’t think either accurately describe us. We use what techniques work best in the moment. We pose most of the formal portraits but we know how to make them look more natural. We journalize when you’re caught up in the moment but we love to work with you when we can for the best combination of photos.

We usually shoot with one photographer (Tim) and an assistant but if your wedding is large or elaborate you may want to consider adding an additional photographer. We keep in touch with with several other experienced wedding shooters that we can bring in.

We know you want your digital negatives and that’s why we always bundle them with our wedding photography. You’ll get to keep them all in full print resolution on a custom printed disc in a beautiful full size DVD case. If you ever lose contact with us and you need to print your photos again, you’ll be able to! We keep copies for at least ten years too so if you lose your photos somehow, contact us and we can likely restore them for you.

Having digital copies of your photos is one thing – quickly showing them off is far more difficult! To make this easier, we prepare a DVD slideshow of the best images and include it with your Digital Negatives. When you have company over, you can pop in the DVD and show them the highlights on the big screen!

You also get an online gallery of the same pictures in the DVD slideshow so that you can share your photos with friends & family near and far with a single link!

Engagement Photos

Engagement photos go hand in hand with our Wedding Photography packages. We’ll go with you to your favourite places and create some couples portraits for you. The experience will also let you see how we shoot so that you’ll be less nervous on your wedding day.

You’ll also get a separate disc with the Digital Negatives from your Engagement Photo Shoot. These photos will commemorate the blissful prequel to your marriage and they’re also great for making photo guestbooks, invitations, and putting on wedding websites.

So, What Is Fusion Anyways?

Fusion is the combination of photos, audio, and sometimes even video while keeping the focus on the photography.

For Wedding Fusion, we’ll put a mic on the groom (we don’t want to spoil the effect of the bride’s dress!) most of the day so that we can record all the most important things that are said. We’ll usually also mic speeches and other audio snippets from the day and then artfully add these elements to your DVD slideshow. Imagine watching your photos and hearing your wedding vows and what your parents and friends said at the reception.

We can optionally do video too if you desire, adding short video clips from the day too. If you have a videographer too, we can work with them to keep the price down and get even more content to mix in. The idea is have a slideshow that is 80% photos and 20% audio and video.

Basic Pricing

These prices are here as a guide but may be modified depending on your needs. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

12-Hours plus engagement photos12 hours of photography covering getting ready, the ceremony, family portraits, bridal portraits, reception, speeches, cake cutting, and dances.
Includes engagement photo session before the wedding.
8-Hours plus engagement photos8 hours of photography covering the ceremony, family portraits, bridal portraits, reception, speeches, cake cutting, and dances.
Includes engagement photo session before the wedding.
4-Hours plus engagement photos4 hours of photography covering the ceremony, family portraits and bridal portraits.
Includes engagement photo session before the wedding.

Second PhotographerSecond Photographer
(Special: Free for August and September 2012 weddings)
AlbumsPremium, contemporary lay-flat albums custom designed in house to tell your story.$399 and up
DVD and Digital SlideshowCustom edited DVD and digital slideshows of your best wedding photos set to your music that you can share with family and friends over the web. $99
PrintsCustom prints on special archival media that enhances your photos. Varies.
Wedding WebsiteA special website leading up to your big day with your story, your engagement photos, wedding day schedule, maps, and more.$249